What is Town House ?

There are several reason to decide where is a good place to stay.  Everyone have their own reason to choose favorite place called home. A town house is an alternative for them who need feel save and secure as main priority. With a guard stand by at 24 hours make a town house concept have their own fan as good place to live. This is the most advantage by choose town house as place to stay.

desain rumah townhouse

Town house is a complex contains houses with regular arrangement. Usually town house have only one main gate for security, it’s contains some house with no more than 30 houses. Pool, park, communal area, club house are the public facility available at town house, and this is why some called town house as half apartment half house.

The word town house adapted from United Stated, complex houses was called row house, but in Indonesia it called by town house for commercial purpose. At 2009 Jakarta Selatan was a favorite place to build luxury house complex, although it was reservoir area.

But there are some cons by stay at town house, yes it’s not a perfect place to stay for people who love society and neighborhood. It’s because the complex was contain small amount of houses. There are also a rule owner unavailable to change building design because it would change town house concept.

At the busy city with a lot activity perhaps stay at town house is a good choice, because most of the time use to work. It will be different case for people who live at a peace full village which society and neighborhood is an important.

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