Art deco architecture style overview

Art deco overview

Art deco is a design style, not only in architecture, it’s include interior, furniture, jewel craft, sculpture, dance, theatre, movie, etc. Art deco style is booming on 1920 until 1939. Details used by art deco style is modern design style after victorian era. The most historical art deco design style is “The Chrysler”, high rise building on New York.

The Chrysler, New york

There are some tips and trick how to apply art deco design style on your design:


We can art deco application on architecture on motive, detail, and some point of interest on building exterior. There are not all element design can be adopted on Indonesia building, because indonesia have a tropic climate, it’s need modifications to adept at some element to apply it.

How to use art deco details on architecture

There are some aspect need to considered before apply art deco design on architecture. Composition between mass building, architecture details should be harmony balanced every design aspect such order, space, point of interest etc.

How to show an art deco on interior building design

If you are interested to show art deco image on your room, you should keep balance between it’s furniture wall material, floor and the ceiling. Like at theatre show, floor, wall, and ceiling is background element, and furniture is the actor. Harmony between each element design is the key to make art deco design style can be feel on the interior building / room.

Using eye catch element design

There are several method how to make a room doesn’t monotone. Using accessories such vase, painting, lighting and another interior accessories make the room looks awesome. But careful don’t using it too much, just use it as necessary.

elemen dalam desain style art deco
elemen dalam desain style art deco

Reference : Art deco for desainer and collector


Setyabudi Arsitek arsitek jogja & jasa animasi arsitektur

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