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Introducing Indonesian stones for house design

Stone used as building material since long time ago. Egypt is the most famous and old civilization using stone to build pyramid which is the great, beauty, and luxury monument. For now stone popular used by house designer to make specific design purpose.

Each stone have itself look and characteristic, knowing each of them will be good idea of course. The most stone image for house design is to show natural, elegance, and soft. To make a good design depends on how it combine with another design element.

penggunaan batu alam pada ruang keluarga
Stone at the fire place, family room

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What is Town House ?

There are several reason to decide where is a good place to stay.  Everyone have their own reason to choose favorite place called home. A town house is an alternative for them who need feel save and secure as main priority. With a guard stand by at 24 hours make a town house concept have their own fan as good place to live. This is the most advantage by choose town house as place to stay.

desain rumah townhouse

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Art deco architecture style overview

Art deco overview

Art deco is a design style, not only in architecture, it’s include interior, furniture, jewel craft, sculpture, dance, theatre, movie, etc. Art deco style is booming on 1920 until 1939. Details used by art deco style is modern design style after victorian era. The most historical art deco design style is “The Chrysler”, high rise building on New York.

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Why do you need Architect Service?

Have a comfort house is a dream by most people. We have different perception on it. There are so many architecture style which is every person have different favorites each self. Because of this property developer always have different strategy include make what’s market want to sell their housing property.
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Jogja Architect

Jogja Architect service by setyabudi architect.

Architecture service of house / home design, interior design, exterior and building contractor for region Jogjakarta, Jogja, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and all region in Indonesia.


Our Service divide by several design package, here they are:

Basic Packet Plan, include :
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