Why do you need Architect Service?

Have a comfort house is a dream by most people. We have different perception on it. There are so many architecture style which is every person have different favorites each self. Because of this property developer always have different strategy include make what’s market want to sell their housing property.

I am sure you are remember when mediterranean architecture style was booming on 2009. Most of house developer make it as we can see every corner on our city, and if you are living in Jogja you will see most of big housing development on Ring road, Maguwoharjo, Jogja, it’s Casa Grande. And now minimalist architecture become dominant and we let see what’s come next.

There are so many architecture style like neoclassical, classic, victorian, country, modern, post modern, medieval, etc. And if you need to show what are you on your house i guess you need an architect service.


What’s first do you think when you want to build a house? I am sure we have different perception each others :

  • First think is what the most important room you should have, if you have pretty small land and budget maybe it’s easy but if it’s not you should make a good decision which is important which is unnecessary.
  • What’s activities on your house, you should consider if you have pet, child, and perhaps you need to do some work at your home.
  • How much your budget to put in your new house?
  • How to reduce building construction cost, architect know what’s best strategy to maximize your house function and how it’s looks good with still suitable to your budget.
  • How to make a good building utility plans, plumbing, electrical,
  • What’s architectural style most suitable for you, sometimes we know what do you want, but you still need architect to visualize it.
  • How to make good layout for your home
  • How to make sure your activity can be done on your house.
  • How much cost to realize your project
  • How to make minimal building cost contruction

Of course you can do all it by yourself, but is this good? I don’t think so, if you hire an architect you will sleep better, have a time to do your job and activity. Here is 5 reason why you should use architect

  1. Time efficiency, just pay their fee and everything clear.
  2. It will cut building cost on the construction process, you will get list every item need to pay.
  3. Architect will help you to get information so your building suitable with government rule.
  4. Your house / building will be have function what it should be.
  5. Your building would be look better.

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Best regards,

Setyabudi Architect






3 thoughts on “Why do you need Architect Service?”

  1. Assalamualaikum wr wb

    Setelah saya baca sungguh sangat menarik sekali dan bermanfaat bagi saya

    Maaf sebelumnya saya meninggalkan jejak. Jika ingin pasang rangka baja ringan di kawasan Daerah istimewa Yogyakarta dan kawasan jateng yang berdekatan dengan DI Yogyakarta, silahkan kunjungi blog saya untuk info lebih lanjut


    Walaikumussalam wr wb


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